An Irish developer has launched an episodic role-playing game for PC to bring the stories of ancient Irish folklore to the gaming world known as Fadó.

Developer and game creator Fionn Keeley has launched the Irish mythology-infused game Fadó through Steam. The game is a retro-inspired RPG featuring lively turn-based combat. Most old Irish stories start with “fadó, fadó” – “long long ago”, and as Fionn Keeley listened to tales collected from local storytellers, he knew he had to bring them to a gaming audience.

The legends who’s stories are told once more

Featuring the magic of Cú Chulainn, St. Brigid, St. Patrick and Fionn Mac Cumhaill, this adventure involves fishing for the Salmon of Knowledge, fighting off a fearsome hound, and battling wicked creatures in turn-based combat as you travel through many of Ireland’s ancient sites. Fadó will immerse you in an ancient Ireland where magic is never far away.

Along with iconic figures, you’ll meet a colourful cast of lesser-known characters and creatures, drawn from a deep well of Celtic folklore.  You’ll also match your wits against the Salmon of Knowledge, unravel the riddles of the will-o’wisps, come face to face with the Morrigan, and maybe even live to tell the tale.

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“There are so many forgotten stories out there begging to be retold, and in many ways they’ve served as a backdrop to much of modern culture. I’m bringing them to the forefront,” said Fionn Keeley, the game’s developer.

“These stories have been told time and time again, and have grown so much in the telling – retelling them in an interactive form feels like a natural evolution of this tradition.”

If you dare to step back in time and live out the stories of the ancients, you can purchase Fadó on Steam at

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