By now, we all know what I’m like with horror. It calls to me like nothing else genre wise. If you’ve been following my coverage of horror games over the last year, you’ll know I’m always looking for something new and unique. This is where GHOSTS comes inI will admit that I am apprehensive about this, but I will give it a fair chance when it releases. That won’t be till next year though, so let’s analyze what we know now.

What is GHOSTS?

GHOSTS is a real-time live action game which means that it has to be played at 10pm in your local time zone. The game takes inspiration from the works of Manx screenwriter Nigel Kneale. It also aims to blur the realms of fact and fiction from the found footage movies of the last 25 years. Already, the game is following in the footsteps of Night Trap, Phantasmagoria, and The 7th Guest.

You play a TV producer, operating the outside broadcast van for a failing cable channel called FrighTV. Sounds like my kind of channel anyways. Their biggest show is GHOSTS, a paranormal investigation show with mixed ratings.

The current shooting location for the rebranding, relaunching show has an urban legend behind it. Known as The Long Lady, a woman appears in times of tragedy, gazing through windows onto the street. Look at her for too long and you’ll die.

Horror Queen turned Ghost Hunter?

Let’s be real, a live action horror game is a huge risk. Any live action game is. However, horror is a constantly evolving and devolving genre. GHOSTS has one big thing going in its favour already though. It isn’t trying to capitalize on the global pandemic. I’m honestly disgusted at the amount of movies trying to profit on the hell we’re currently living in. Yes, yes, I know. I am a grumpy old lady. We all know this.

Another big plus is the cast. GHOSTS stars Haley Bishop, Radina Drandova, Jemma Moore, Caroline Ward and Emma Louise Webb. Don’t worry if these names aren’t overly familiar. I’m about to tell you why they’re a plus.

Ever heard of the horror streaming service Shudder? They also have an in-house studio, and produce their own shows and movies. One of those movies is call HOST. The whole movie circulates around a séance over Zoom, during the pandemic. Surprisingly decent movie. Anyways, the cast of that movie is the cast of GHOSTS. The movie’s writer is also the game’s director and writer, in partnership with Visible Games and Limited Run Game.

As for the 10pm thing, you CAN play earlier but there’s a difference. A classic test card will appear. If you can crack it, you’ll be able to access a pre-watershed version of the game. This version lets you breathe and save your progress. The full game still won’t be available till 10pm though.

I’m still on the apprehensive side, but I’m also massively curious to see how this pans out. It’s definitely a bold move, that’s for sure.

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