We aim to bring you the best news here at GamEir but unfortunately, that is not the case today. Especially if you are a fan of One Piece. Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe has announced that One Piece World Seeker will be moving its release date to 2019 to further polish the game ahead of its launch.

One Piece World Seeker is the most ambitious One Piece game ever. We’re aware of the huge potential for the game and want to ensure we match fans’ expectations”, said Koji Nakajima (Chief Producer at Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc). “As such, we took the difficult decision to move the release date and use additional development time to create the best game possible”.

Now from the footage shown off so far, this could very well be the case with the delay. When a developer wants to make sure a game is perfect it’s smart to do this. Now you can easily point out that this should have been thought out so that a delay would not have occurred but worry not this happens all the time and we still get hits.

One Piece World Seeker will be available in 2019 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC as part of the One-Piece Big Project 20th-anniversary celebration.

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