Been wondering what Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima’s up to? Probably not since he’s constantly tweeting, Instagramming and showing up at every awards show under the sun. Kojima may be gaming’s busiest man between games, books and now film. Despite this, he’s somehow found time to resurrect his YouTube series HideoTube,

Found on the official KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS YouTube channel, the series provides a direct line of communication from the studio. With updates on Death Stranding 2: On the Beach, OD and PHYSINT to come, there’s plenty of gaming excitement on the horizon. Of course, Kojima being Kojima there’s also his upcoming documentary HIDEO KOJIMA: CONNECTING WORLDS and A24’s film adaptation of Death Stranding on the way. Phew!

A Home Hideo Release

This first episode of the rebooted series covers all this as well as a chat with guests Risa Unai and Kenjiro Tsuda. Not content with his own self-branded channel, Kojima will be appearing as a guest on TBS TV’s Youtube as well in the near future. If nothing else, at least there’s a good chance an actor or musician you love will unexpectedly appear if Kojima’s Instagram is anything to go by.

You can catch the almost hour-long initial episode of HideoTube here.

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