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Stonewall Penitentiary has released today on Steam and is also available for download on the games official site. Billed as a point and click murder mystery, the game will appeal to problem solvers and murder enthusiasts the world over(and by that I mean an enthusiasm for solving murders of course!).

The Game

Set inside the titular location, the story unravels through the player’s eyes. You wake up having been kidnapped and trapped inside Stonewall Penitentiary, or Stone Pen, if you will, along with six other clueless individuals. A traditional 2d point and click adventure await, as the narrative is driven by the player unravelling the mysteries of Stonewall. The player character is a middle-aged depressive and alcoholic called William Thane. So it’s up to old Willy boy to figure out the reason for his imprisonment. Plus of course, trying to escape, and figuring out who the killer among the seven inmates is; quite a pickle indeed… The devs inspirations vary from Agatha Christie novels to the Saw and Scream movies. We can probably expect some gruesome scenes and tense moments as we work our way around the prison.

You wake up.  The last thing you remember is lying in bed at home.  But you aren’t home anymore.  Looking around, you quickly establish four things:  you’re in a prison; your clothes are missing; your hands are tied; and you can’t remember how you got here.

You are William Thane, a middle-aged man struggling with depression and alcoholism.  You, along with six others, are trapped in an abandoned prison, held captive by a sociopath obsessed with justice.  But there’s a catch:  one of you is the killer!  Can you escape?  Success lies in your hands!

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The Developer

Stonewall Penitentiary was developed by Unimatrix Productions. Consisting of an actual real-life couple, Christopher Brendel and Elle Smith, this is the fourth title in their Story-centric Worlds series. All four games in the series have been mystery solving clue-em-ups, and all have been critically well received. The series does vary in-game content and style, but all titles have been character-driven narratives, with a focus on storytelling and problem-solving. The first three titles, Lifestream, Shady Brook, and The Filmmaker are available for the low price of 2.99, whereas the newer Stonewall Penitentiary is 13.99.

Have a gander at the trailer below and see if your inquisitive juices start flowing, or if you’ll just feel satiated with gaming stuff, check out Gameir.


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