Spooky season has come early! Horror news always makes me so happy, especially when it’s about something that looks cool. Party for Introverts have officially announced their first full-length game! And friends, it is right up my alley. Cabernet is a supernatural, narrative-driven RPG. The setting? An immersive 19th-century world filled with aristocratic vampires.

You will become Liza, a fledgling vampire, as she navigates the rich world around her. The narrative weaves a tale of social conflict, alcoholism, and corruption. However, in a society so dark, choosing your next meal won’t be so easy. Each action has moral consequences, some of which can be insanely far-reaching. You will have to decide how much you want blood. Is it just enough to survive? Or will the blood lust overcome you in favour of the thrill of the hunt? On top of this, every choice must be made before the very deadly Sunrise.

Also, and most importantly. You can turn into a bat. There are other cool vampire powers implemented, but I’m a simple woman. And this simple woman wants to turn into a bat.

Cabernet is due for release on Steam in early 2024, and I for one cannot wait to get my hands on it.

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Jade is a 25 year old horror queen (her words), artist and gamer. She's also a bit too obsessed with dinosaurs. When she's not writing or in game, Jade can normally be found buried in some kind of art.

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