Blink: Rogues

It’s been an age since we’ve had a solid entry into the SHMUP(Shoot Em Up) genre. The formula that gave us all-time classics such as Contra, Space Harrier, and Commando, fell to the wayside sometime in the nineties. Consoles’ 16-bit age led to a crowded marketplace of 2d shooters. None save Gunstar Heroes really made their mark. Fast forward twenty-plus years, and we have Fox Dive Studio trying to waken the old beast. Their entry? Blink: Rogues.

Blink and you’ll miss it…

If you were to glance at Blink: Rogues, you could mistake it for any other vertically scrolling SHMUP. The player vehicle (a fighter jet) hovers around bottom center, dealing out bullet and laser death, with enemies buzzing down in waves. But there is one key difference; other players can invade your game, and blow you to hell. Intriguing!

It’s this PvP mode that Fox Dive are using as their main selling point for Blink: Rogues, and what they hope will also get players hooked.

“We were going to call our game the <<world’s first PvP shoot’em up>>, but eventually opted for <<Reshaping the SHMUP genre>> because we are convinced this is actually what we are doing with Blink: Rogues” – Devs

This unique PvP game mode allows for a mix of sharp reflexes and strategic planning. This, while remaining loyal to the top down vertical scroller layout. A duel engages players in a 5 minute split-screen match. Victory is granted to whomever earns the most points by the end of that time. Players can earn points either by destroying waves of enemies, or by chasing a frag in your opponent’s screen, using the namesake Blink mechanic.

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Blink and you die…

In its current Steam Early Access form, Blink: Rogues features 3 modes. There’s a PvP mode, PvAI mode, and a single player campaign, with four levels to shoot through. Blink: Rogues will set you back a measly €3.99. Buy in at this stage, and you get to follow the game as its developed, plus give feedback to the developers. So, if you were a SHMUP fan back in the day, and long for a new generation of SHMUPs for modern gamers, why not get involved? GamEir.

“With inspiration drawn from shmup classics such as Raptor, Tyrian 2000 and mechanics based on fast paced arena titles, Blink envisions a seamless mix between the aforementioned. We remain loyal to the top down vertical scroller genre, but nevertheless pursue innovation through direct PVP mechanics, enabling you to jump into your opponent’s screen and chase down a proper frag.”


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