The hungry fly

Erupting Avocado announce The Hungry Fly

Spooky season is upon is, which means it’s time I crawled out from my cave! Some of you might remember a game I covered a while back called The Repairing Mantis. It’s a gloriously twisted indie horror game that...
Re:Turn 2

Re:Turn 2 – Runaway launch date announced

This is not a drill, horror fans! Re:Turn 2 - Runaway has officially received its launch date, and it’s right around the corner! That’s right friends! The epic sequel is hitting shelves on the 28th of January! ...
Martha is Dead

Martha is Dead Release Date Announced

This is not a drill! Martha is Dead has an official release date. A new teaser trailer showcased at the Golden Joystick Awards has revealed the date. Martha is Dead will be arriving on February 24th 2022. There...
Chasing Static

Let’s Talk About Chasing Static

Spooky season may have ended, but we still have a horror game to talk about! Today we're talking about Headware Games' Chasing Static, an indie horror short story. It did take me a little while to get around to...
Alan Sharp

Let’s Talk About Alan Sharp Chapter 0

The first chapter of Alan Sharp has arrived, and it builds upon the demo released last year. But how much building does it do? It's time to talk about Chapter 0. What is Alan Sharp? At its core, Alan Sharp is...