Alan Sharp

Let’s Talk About Alan Sharp Chapter 0

The first chapter of Alan Sharp has arrived, and it builds upon the demo released last year. But how much building does it do? It's time to talk about Chapter 0. What is Alan Sharp? At its core, Alan Sharp is...
Martha is Dead

Martha Is Dead Debuts Brand New Trailer

Martha may be dead, but my excitement for this game is not. Martha is Dead builds upon LKA’s signature style of deep multi-layered narratives. It combines real-world locations and links to historical events wit...
Sunshine Manor

Sneak Preview at Sunshine Manor

Fossil Gameshas dropped an official sneak preview of their upcoming horror RPG game, Sunshine Manor. Sunshine Manor is a love letter to classic horror films of the 1980s. Play as Ada, whose night of trick or t...

Let’s Talk About Martha

I need to start this off with a warning. I have absolutely zero positive things to say about this game at all. By this stage, you all know that I try to find positives where I can. No matter how bad a game seem...
Mad Father

Let’s Talk About Mad Father Remake

Mad Father is back. I still cannot believe this slid under my radar. I was eyeing up this remake for a while, and oh my, I was excited. The fact that it hit Nintendo Switch makes it all that much sweeter. Let m...