Are you a fan of the pioneering, turn-based combat strategy shooter genre that features revolutionary four-dimensional gameplay? Well, Lemnis Gate will be launching on PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this Summer.

Developed by Ratloop Games Canada, in conjunction with Frontier Developments’ games label, Frontier Foundry, Lemnis Gate suffuses the cerebral intricacies of chess into a heart-pounding, 4D FPS. In it, players disrupt the past to change the future. The rules are simple: defeat opponents across five, 25-second rounds.

The twist is they’re the same 25 seconds; repeated. Within them, players take turns to execute an action, whether blasting enemies, capturing targets, or stealing objectives. After all, turns have been taken the next round begins. The best way I can think it through is players are their own Sherlock Holmes.  You get to prepare your own strategies and prepare yourself for your opponents.

The time loop mechanic lets players progressively build strategies, whether online or local, in both 1v1 and 2v2 matches. As more operatives enter the fray, the potential for creative cunning rises. There are seven operatives in total, each bringing a distinct primary weapon and special ability.

Since every operative is available right from the start, players can start strategizing straight away. This subversive and skilful 4D FPS rewards non-linear logic and abstract thinking, challenging players to both plan ahead and change the past as they build up to victory.

For those hungering for the strategy element within Lemnis Gate, you will not be disappointed. Players will have the freedom to come up with their own unique game plans. As well as execute them in countless ways. This of course means that no two matches will ever be the same. Players will need to think to master this original experience.

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