Jetboard Joust is a fascinating title. It is a fusion of classic arcade shoot-’em-ups and modern roguelikes from publisher Freedom Games and developer BitBull. It will blast onto the Nintendo Switch on May 18th for players to pick up. The game will also be available on the upcoming Atari VCS on May 18th.

The History of Jetboard Joust

Jetboard Joust’s handheld debut comes three decades after the release of its predecessor, Skateboard Joust for the Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum, and Amstrad CPC microcomputers. Players can enjoy an action-packed mashup of old-school arcade action with a modern roguelike design.

Maintain altitude to avoid incoming fire while trading laser blasts with extraterrestrial invaders. Wield a wide variety of weapons and rescue the planet’s would-be abductees from a monstrous fate. Overcome throngs of foes by turning the jetboard into a screen-clearing ballistic missile capable of wiping out advancing armadas, mutated creatures, and massive bosses.

Players can rake in gold coins in each procedurally-generated stage. This will allow you to purchase powerful upgrades, such as new armour, an expanded armoury, and a range of jetboard tuneups that will allow you to dominate the skies. That’s not all. As you advance the campaign and move through each world you will face monumental bosses. These beings will test your dominance of the sky. Will you be ready?

“When I developed the original Skateboard Joust as a kid in 1989, I never would have imagined one of my games would be available on a Nintendo console, said James Closs, founder, Bitbull. So I am over the moon to be launching Jetboard Joust for Nintendo Switch on May 18th!”

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