Resident Evil Village is just around the corner, and there has been news non-stop on it. From the demos to the multiplayer mode Re:Verse, it’s shaping up to be pretty huge. I’ll be covering the demo once it hits PC on May 2nd. But there’s something else I want to focus on right now. Resident Evil x Dead by Daylight.

As part of the 25th-anniversary special, Resident Evil is partnering up with Dead by Daylight for the 20th chapter of the survival horror game. This announcement comes just off the back of the release of the All Kill chapter, which brought with it a new killer and survivor.

So, what could the Resident Evil chapter bring with it?

Well, we haven’t had a new map since Chapter XVI, aka the Silent Hill chapter. I was actually hoping for one with the All Kill chapter, but no such luck. On all previous partnerships, players have gotten a new survivor, killer and map. Hopefully, this will be the case for the Resident Evil chapter. My guess would be the RPD.

The developers have a lot of options with this one, so it will be really cool to see what they go with. I’m a massive Dead by Daylight fan. It’s my most played game, with hundreds of hours across PC, Xbox and PlayStation. This collaboration could be an insanely smart move, and it’s one I am very excited about. You can bet I will be playing as soon as it drops, and dragging my friends along for the ride.

Resident Evil x Dead by Daylight is set for release in June.

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