Early Access, Early Thoughts: Paranormal Hunter
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It’s a new day, and with that comes another new game. Well, early access in this case. Today, I’m going to be talking about Paranormal Hunter, a new multiplayer survival horror game. Once again, thank you to my lovely friend Kalum for joining me on this adventure. Let’s get right into this one!

What is Paranormal Hunter?

Paranormal Hunter is a first person online co-op multiplayer ghost hunting experience. While you can play solo, this game is much better with friends. It also supports VR, however that is not something I will be trying. VR makes me ill, sorry friends. In Paranormal Hunter, you get to explore haunted houses and abandoned ruins, in search of “symbols of grudges”. Once these are all collected, they are placed in a symbolic, ritualistic circle to banish the evil spirits haunting the area. These spirits can be slowed through the use of UV lights, but banishing them requires the symbols.

Early Days Hunter

Early access is a strange one for me. While I understand and support the concept, I’ve found a lot of games have been taking the step too soon. Paranormal Hunter is on the borderline of this. The base is there, and the concept is fleshing out well. However, we did encounter some bugs while playing. The most prominent was glitching into floors and walls, or getting stuck behind invisible walls. Admittedly, this did cause a fair few laughs. Kalum spawned into the floor on entering one of the maps. I had to lure the spirit over to kill him.

Overall, there is promise within Paranormal Hunter. There was only one real issue that we faced that wasn’t entertaining. Once you enter a game/match, you can’t exit in any way other than dying. There’s no exit or end match button. This was more inconvenience than anything, so hopefully this adjustment will be made down the line.

Down the line, after some patching, I will probably revisit this. However, I can’t see this making its way into my normal rotation. For fans of multiplayer ghost-hunting, this definitely has the potential to be a solid entry to the wheelhouse.

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