Another interview in from my day out at Comic-Con Ireland. This time it’s all about the legend himself Troy Baker. Actor extraordinaire, musician, father and one half of Retro Replay it was as always a pleasure to interview Troy about his exploits across gaming as both an actor and now as a gamer in the public eye.

So I’m here with the infamous…


Well, you were in one of them.

Ha! Pun.

I should say who you are, it’s Troy Baker. I thought it be funny to do a quick fire round first as you’re a part of such secretive projects. Can you tell us anything about Death Stranding?


Oh!? I am genuinely surprised I thought you couldn’t say a word.

I can tell you some stuff. It was a blast to work with Norman Reedus. It was mindblowing to work with Hideo Kojima. You get to see my character which I’m super excited about. I can tell you that if Kojima pulls off what he wants to pull off it could literally change the way we play games.

Can you say if you’re in any scenes with Mads (Mikkelsen) or Guillermo (Del Toro)?

I can’t say.

I thought so that’s fair Will you be voicing both Bruce and Hulk in the Avengers game for Square Enix?

No, I’ll just be voicing Bruce because Fred (Tatasciore) is my Hulk and I’m not sure if Fred is voicing the Hulk.

You also have Joel. Can you talk about Joel and his part in The Last of Us Part II?

I can, but I won’t. More will be revealed as we get closer to the release date which I can’t wait for, especially as a player.

I think everyone who’s been watching Retro Replay has seen how much of a gamer you are.

A frustrating one for sure.

You must have the patience of a saint when it comes to the Uncharted Playthroughs?

For Uncharted sure but what’s funny is when people were screaming at us that circle is cover I don’t sit there and think I’m pressing circle now it’s all muscle memory and in my defence, there’s a lot changed between Uncharted 4 and Uncharted. Cut me some slack.

So how does it feel playing Uncharted with Nolan (North)? I say this because you’re living the dream of playing the game that you loved with the guy who was a part of that genre that you yourself are now famous for?

It constantly amazes me because after being his friend for so many years now there’s a lot of stories that I’ve heard and a lot of stories that I haven’t heard that he’ll only remember by replaying the game. So I intentionally made sure he didn’t get a chance to practice (which he wanted to do) so every time we play he’s experiencing this for the first time.

On a weird tangent, how does it feel to be returning to Vincent Brooks for Catherine: Full Body?


I know!

Man, they wrote the hell out of that sequel. It’s a follow up to the previous game and an expansion on the franchise. Dude it is, I thought Catherine was banana’s, this game is insanity.

Can you imagine putting Nolan through that game? It’ll be Spider-Man all over again.

Oh no, no, no we will eventually play through Catherine and I can’t wait. That guy is going to lose his mind.

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So how does it feel with Retro Replay being a year old now? Traveller and Retro Replay are now your two one-year-old babies.

Somebody put it best, I love this age of babies because they’re little drunk people they just stumble around and it’s pretty accurate. This morning I finished because we do episode reviews and we’ll go back and we’ll watch through. I mean we finished episode 53 and it blows my mind. We’ve been doing it for so long and we’re constantly growing our community. That person not only like watching us do this but the way we’re doing it. We’re also not operating out of that place of fear and have built a great team that has stuck with us since the beginning. It just keeps getting better, and better, and better.

Finally, we’ll end with how does it feel to have something that is a passion project that is so popular that isn’t even a game?

All I wanted to do was to be a part of something that had a t-shirt. It meant a lot to us. We’re also about to roll out a lot of new merch in July so when we come back we’ll have a proper shop set up.

Well see you next time you’re in Dublin Troy

Thanks for taking the time.

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