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Snapshot Games have released their fourth backer build for upcoming strategy Phoenix Point. We’ve covered Phoenix Point before here at GamEir, and I’ve been keeping an eye on it’s development. The game is now set for a September release, and will be an Epic Store exclusive for its first year. Helmed by Julian Gollop, creator of the original XCOM series, Phoenix Point has been turning heads in the strategy community.

They’re coming out of the Goddamn walls!

Naturally enough, backer build four is the most complete demo to date. This playable build is available to backers of the original funding campaign, or people who have since pre-ordered the game. I’ve delved fully into the demo, and you can view my overview video below. If you’re not bothered with that, I will now give you a brief overview, via the medium of text.

Phoenix Point backer build four is the first iteration to feature actual Phoenix soldiers. To date all we’ve played was New Jericho, and it’s nice to suit up as the actual main faction. Additionally we  now have access to soldier progression trees, and can level our squad up with XP. Also we have a few new enemy types. These are some small face hunger type lads, but, most notable, are the Chiron. These armoured behemoths are not quite the size of previously seen bosses, but they’re big, and mean enough to squad wipe the careless commander.

For a pre-alpha build Phoenix Point ran very smoothly. Naturally there are issues, and Snapshot are wont to keep striving away at their vision of the perfect turn based  strategy. The optimist in me thinks they may well succeed, and produce an XCOM better. When I listen to my inner pessimist however, he speaks of balancing issues, and repeated release delays…

Either way we’ll keep you apprised of Phoenix updates as they come. Stay tuned to GamEir and if you’re interested converse with us on Twitter (@gam_eir), Facebook (@GamEir), and Instagram (@GamEir). Check out our videos on Twitch (GamEir) and YouTube (GamEir) and we’ll give you all the latest content.

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