THQ Nordic is throwing everything and the kitchen sink at Gamescom 2019. Five titles have been announced to be there already. This can only mean all the acquisitions over the last few years are starting to produce fruit.

Something, Something, Darksiders

THQ Nordic is publishing Airship Syndicates attempt at continuing the Darksiders franchise. This prequel to the first three games will introduce the last horseman, Strife. My personal favourite, War, is also along for the ride. This top-down action game will remind players a lot of Diablo III. Enemies spawn, you kill said enemies and collect orbs to level up. The story ‘is very much kick everyone’s ass’ to save all of existence but in a cool way.

Personally, I need to see more, because I am not sold yet. I enjoyed the original Darksiders a lot as well as Darksiders II, sadly Darksiders III lost me. Lets see what THQ Nordic bring to Gamescom 2019 and if that changes the perception of the game.

Rollin’, Rollin’, Rollin’

With Desperados III, THQ Nordic is reviving one of my favourite top-down strategy franchises. In this game, you control a group of desperados in the wild west. Each with their own specific special abilities. It seems that the developer took part 1 as a huge inspiration, so it plays very similar to the original. You get a mission and try to make it through by utilising your 5 band members in the best possible way.

I personally have missed these types of games. It seems with the Commandos and the Desperados being revived at least for the future will be tactical. Yeeehhhaaawww!

An encounter of the HD kind

In Destroy All Humans! the aliens have landed again. In this faithful remake, you once again control Crypto 137. Your goal? Enslave the humans by harvesting their DNA of course. Oh… and cause shenanigans all over suburbia. From Jetpacks to UFOs you have a lot of fitting tech available to achieve your goal. So what have the 1950’s to fight this threat? Well, every cliché that we all know and love from B-movies. I am really looking forward to playing this remake because I did love the original quite a bit. Take me to your leader, now!

Mutant x Biology

Biomutant is a charming action-adventure by Swedish developer Experiment 101. As the title says you control a biomutant and trying to save the tree of life. There are 6 factions in the game. 3 want to save the tree and 3 want to destroy it. The player gets a lot of freedom from the get-go. You can design your biomutant. Depending on your decisions, your influence on the tribes will change the world. For better or worse. From the first trailer, I was hooked for this game. So I cannot wait to splice my genes and dive into this mutated world.

What else?

Also announced to be at Gamescom 2019 is Spongebob Squarepants: Battle for Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated. That rolls straight off the tongue. Right, Gary? I am really excited for 4/5 of the announced titles and wouldn’t be surprised if THQ Nordic pulls a Columbo, “Oh and one more thing…”

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