At this weekends EVO 2019 Dragon Ball FighterZ fans were treated to a sneak peek at the next two warriors.

First up we got a look at Janemba. The horrifying incarnation of evil debuted in the twelfth Dragon Ball Z film, Fusion Reborn. This film is set during the period when Goku and Vegeta were both dead during the Buu Saga (it makes no sense I know).

The Plot of Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn

A random ogre in the underworld is enveloped in evil smog and emerges as an innocent-looking yet deadly monster. This being called itself Janemba. It would continually spout its name as it caused destruction across the dimension. It was seemingly invulnerable, distorted the dimension and caused chaos wherever it went. Goku was sent to take care of the monster. Unfortunately, after he defeated it Janemba evolved into a new form and it was not nearly as cuddly as the previous form.

This is the form players will get to play as and he looks like a lot of fun. His abilities are all centred around countering and knocking back attacks at opponents. Not only that he seems to be quite fast. The real moment that the trailer excited me was for the arrival of someone else.

Here enters two mighty warriors as one!

Gogeta showed off his signature move that finished Janemba off in the film. A nice touch is he’s in his Super Saiyan form during the move. This is something to take note of as the form Gogeta will be available in is Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan aka Super Saiyan Blue (such a dull title).

When Gogeta is in full swing he looks like he is ripped right from Dragon Ball Super: Broly. His moveset is brilliant and there’s a lot of spectacle on show when he utilises all the moves. It’s a real impressive show because of the design and movements that Gogeta is showing off.

Dragon Ball FighterZ

You’ve outdone yourselves this times guys.

The image above is absolutely brilliant. The comparisons are staggering and get me very excited for his arrival. Plus if Gogeta is this interesting what will Broly be like as a character? Only time will tell. We only have to wait until the 8th of August for Janemba but no official date has been announced for Gogeta and no new information has been shown on Broly’s arrival to Dragon Ball FighterZ either.

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