On the latest episode of Speakin’ Geek Steve and Graham look at a fascinating aspect of cinema. They look at the growing popularity of the shared universe and how in recent years Hollywood has fallen in love with the prospect of putting their cornerstone films into a connected shared universe.

The lads put every studio to task and no one is safe. Steve points out that the shared universe is not as new a trend in cinema as many people think. Graham muses on the idea of the multiverse possibly coming to the DCEU and how that could possibly expand the DCEU, as long as Wonder Woman wasn’t a fluke.

The two lads then laugh over the attempted shared universe that 20th Century Fox tried to conceive with the X-Men and the ill-fated Fantastic Four film from Josh Trank. The lads then connect on the subject of the Dark Universe, whether it has merit or not. After all the Monster Universe from Universal was so well received all those decades ago and with The Mummy not opening to the numbers the studio hoped the Dark Universe may go dark very soon. And let’s not forget that Marvel spearheaded what modern audiences understand as the shared universe. There’s a lot of sharing going on in this episode and we hope you join in with our comments and subscriptions.

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