Title Update 6 for Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 will release sometime in October. Certain changes coming in the update are already available for testing in the Public Test Server, which is available on PC now. PC players can download the PTS through Uplay, which has been live since Monday.

Ch-CH-CHAANGES in The Division 2!!

Some of the major changes included in TU6 will address loot, re-calibration, and balance certain gear/weapons. Agents who have reached World Tier 5 will be most affected, and glad, of the loot changes. Targeted loot will now be a thing, with the World Tier 5 map now having “loot areas”. For example, suppose you’re farming for a specific Assault Rifle. There could be a mission, map area, or DZ designated for Assault Rifles. That means that boss enemies, or mission completions there, will always drop Assault Rifles. This removes a large part of the random-ness of farming for loot. Ultimately we will now be better able to build out agents to our liking, instead of relying on ropey RNG.

Visible here are the loot areas; highlighting gear or weapon types to be farmed.

Also included in the patch will be tweaks to the Dark Zone, namely removing normalization, and aiming for fuller servers. The most vocal critics of The Division 2 Dark Zones have focused on the normalization system. This system was a new addition for The Division 2, and sought to, essentially, balance the PvP aspect of the Dark Zones, thereby making them fairer. It’s not a system that worked particularity well however and detracted from agents min/maxing their builds. Essentially the developers seem to be aiming for what a Dark Zone should be: dangerous, challenging, and rewarding. In addition to the PvP DZ changes, there is also a new ambush system. Agents calling in an evac may now find the extraction chopper dropping Black Tusk soldiers instead of a rope.

All the gear and no idea-r!

Crafting and recalibration have been overhauled. Thankfully, the amount of resources required for both has been lowered. Compounded to increased storage space for materials, this will make recalibrating your favorite gear pieces much less of a chore. Sick of enemies dropping materials you’ve been full-on for months? Well, that’s been addressed also, and it will never happen again! Huzzah!

It’s been 6 solid months since The Division 2 released, and the updates have been fairly consistent. While old-school Division 1 die-hards will cry “This game is broken”, objective players have praised the games launch and subsequent support. Title Update 6 will launch alongside Episode 2, which is a direct follow-up to July’s Episode 1. The narrative for Episode 2 remains under lock and key, however. However we do know that new missions will take us inside the Pentagon, and a new Raid beckons. You can check out the full list of Patch Notes here, or read our complete coverage of The Division 2.

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