You read that header correctly dear reader. Netflix has confirmed that newcomer Tristan Ruggeri will be playing young Geralt of Rivia (who we all know is played by Superman himself Henry Cavill). This is pretty fascinating news for fans of both the books and games that encompass The Witcher Universe.

However, before we get to all that I must congratulate young Tristan. Enjoy yourself dude this is a hell of a first role for the kid.

What does this mean for The Witcher series?

Fans of the game and the book series will likely be scratching their heads in a combination of confusion and excitement. In both the books and games, we have never been treated to young Geralt. In the books, it’s mainly been Vesemir who talks about training young Geralt and every now and then Geralt will recollect his training as well but never anything of proper substance.

There are so many questions that fans can unpack from Tristan’s casting. Will we see Vesemir? Will Esker and Lambert also be in the series? For those who don’t know Esker and Lambert are two other Witchers that trained with Geralt when he was a child. They’re also part of the handful of friends Geralt has.

The big question

There is one big question though that this casting sets up. Will we see The Trial of the Grasses? This dear reader is one of the most sought after pieces of lore in The Witcher Universe. It is the procedure/trial/rite of passage that all Witchers have to go through to become Witchers. This is the moment where a Witcher supposedly loses their humanity and becomes something else.

The big deal about this possibly showing up in the Netflix series is that fans of both the games and books have never seen what The Trials of the Grasses looks like. You’d have to hope that the author Andrzej Sapkowski has always had it in his head he’s just never shown it otherwise this could be a huge letdown. There is more to it but to go into it further would be spoiler country and The Witcher isn’t too far from release so I won’t spoil anymore.

Ultimately it’s fascinating that Young Geralt has been cast and this further stokes the fires of excitement for The Witcher. Now with such late casting announcements will we also get Vesemir and Dandelion casting announcements too?

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