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The season finale script for The Witcher tv series has been finalised! This brings to a close all writing for the first season. Show creator Lauren S. Hissrich has tweeted a picture of the script cover to announce the news. This latest development comes along with the end of Hissrichs self-imposed hiatus from Twitter. The writer took a break from her favorite social media site two weeks ago. At the time, the reason given was to finish this script, lest it never be done. Rumours, however, did abound, that her hiatus was because of backlash credited to certain “Ciri-BAME” rumours.

The rumour mill

Prior to Hissrichs twitter break, her account was bombarded with some fairly negative posts. Reddit was, once again, the source of a casting rumour. This time about Ciri. You see, somebody noticed a casting call for a small London based casting agency, that The Witcher TV series may, or may not, have been using. The call was for a BAME (read: Black, Asian, Middle Eastern) female, who looked young enough to play a teenager. Before we knew it, poor miss Hissrich was inundated with accusations. “Selling out the story” they said, “PC culture gone mad” others cried. It all went off without a sniff of evidence. These same people then took Hissrichs temporary departure from Twitter as fuel to the fire. This, despite the fact it was a pre-planned absence. She does have a TV series to write after all.



The finale.

So what we actually know so far we’ve already covered across several articles. All now confirmed facts. Add to that, we now know that this first season of The Witcher TV series will be 8 episodes long. What we don’t know, but can speculate on, with some degree of accuracy, is episode length, and the possibility of a second season? Probably an hour long, and only if the first season is a hit. There.

There can be much discussion about what content will be covered in The Witcher Season 1. Well, not considering the short story collections, it would make sense to begin with the first novel in the series; Blood of Elves. One novel (there are five) per season would make sense, and follow the (fairly loose) path set out by Game of Thrones.

Given Hissrichs return to Twitter, we can expect further announcements in the coming weeks. Henry Cavill, or Geralt, as we now call him, has been ‘gramming about Roach. So horsey pics may well be on the way. Yennefer and Ciri’s casting will be hard to keep quiet. I imagine each main part cast will almost surely be announced by the creators. After all, look at the coverage they’ve gotten so far. Rest assured, we’ll be keeping up with all developments, as they happen, so stay tuned. GamEir.


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