Tom Clancy’s The Division 2

The open beta for Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 has come and gone. This “final run-out” before the release of the game on March 15th, was available from Friday the 1st of March until Monday 4th. The beta covered the same ground featured in the private affair earlier in February, with the following, additional content:

  • Character level cap increase to level 8
  • An additional Story mission—Viewpoint Museum
  • An additional Skill—Chem Launcher with two variants, Riot Foam and Explosive Vapor
  • Two additional Settlement Projects with the second upgrade of the Theater
  • An additional Skirmish PVP map—Capitol Ruins


Having played the private beta last month, I was blown away. So impressed was I with this preview of Tom Clancy’s The Division 2, that I bought the original game and all its DLC while it was on offer. Since then, I’ve played about 12 hours of The Division, and enjoyed every minute. The mechanics just clicked with me, and the settings, in both games; I found beautiful. More-so New York, in the first game, but Washington DC, in the sequel, is still impressive. From what I’ve seen so far, The Division 2 takes up where the first left off. The virus has ravaged Washington, the streets are filled with violent goons, and it’s up to the player to lay down the law. This is the Old West; where the letter of the law is a bullet, and justice begins and ends with violent prejudice.

Perks, crafting, and skills all return from the original game. Throw in some basic player RPG mechanics, and looter-shooter(I hate using this term, but it’s apt!) enemy drops, and you’ll have enough management to keep you busy. Bases can be unlocked, and further upgraded, all by completing missions, naturally. You will do well to find a mission that doesn’t involve gunning down a dozen or more enemies. This is literal bullet-heaven.

Or Depressed?

But if we look at what Massive Entertainment has actually improved upon from the original game, we’re left wanting. There are some new perks, and skills, including some fancy drones. The bullet-sponge enemies have been addressed, slightly. They still exist but in the form of heavily armoured types. Chew through the armour first, then you get the squishy meat inside. Enemy AI also seems to have gotten worse. Every firefight seemed to give me at least one enemy who just ran up to my position, and past me, shooting wildly. Now I understand the need for aggressive enemies, but I still can’t fathom someone running headlong into automatic weapons fire. Not when the rest of your buddies are using cover and concealment. I also had some issues with facial animation; one or two protagonists just looked weird when talking.

You can check out a video preview of the first level in Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 below, and stay tuned to GamEir for the obligatory review on the game’s release; March 15th, on PC, Xbox, and PS4.


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