Ubisoft has announced that the launch of its new content channel, gTV will take place today on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Twitch. gTV will feature a wide range of original programming inspired not only by Ubisoft, but by the video game industry at large, going behind-the-scenes on how games are created and celebrating the people who make and play them, as well as the biggest events in the gaming calendar.

gTV: A breakdown

gTV is all about celebrating the cultural footprint of video games with rich content with a fun and irreverent tone. The first season of shows will feature, amongst others, a talk-show, hosted by Jay-Ann Lopez, with guests including Ellie Gibson, Nicola Adams, Rufus Hound and Pete Donaldson to talk about video games covering a wide variety of themes such as comedy, health or sport. ‘Versus’, another new show hosted by Frankie Ward, one of Britain’s most popular esports hosts, brings together a fighting-fit roster of Twitch & YouTube stars to compete with one another for gaming glory.

Initial programming highlights include ‘CafeXP,’ an improvised comic entertainment show hosted by actor and comedian Babatunde Aleshe, where celebrities such as Asim Chaudhry, Elz The Witch and Julia Hardy share their passion for gaming whilst showing off their skills and undertaking some light-hearted challenges. ‘Fragments’ is a docu-series that takes a look at human-interest stories across an array of topics across the esports scene and finally ‘aRTY’ a social-first episodic series focusing on artists’ work inspired by videogames, featuring graffiti artist Flake and more to be announced.

“It’s been a pleasure to be part of this unique project from the start” Jay-Ann Lopez, gTV Talk Show Host and CEO & Founder of Black Girl Gamers, commented.

“So many of us at Ubisoft are proud players, proud to be part of video game culture. Our intent with gTV is to honour this form of entertainment, sharing stories tied to our games, but also the ones that left a mark on us as players,” said Geoffroy Sardin, EMEA Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Ubisoft. “We have chosen My Accomplice and So Press because we love their work and their unique way of telling inspiring and entertaining stories. We wanted to see that applied to the video games industry.”

“We want to be first in the industry to create valuable, entertaining content that goes beyond and behind games with stories that show the positive impact of gaming. We have loved partnering with Ubisoft to bring our knowledge of authentic cultural content through into the games world and are incredibly proud of the results. ” said Jamie Clark, Founder, My Accomplice “We’re really excited about the launch this week and looking forward to what comes next.”

The channel will broadcast multiple pieces of original content per week, including documentaries, talk shows, live shows, shorts and more.

Honest thoughts

I don’t know how I feel about gTV. I don’t know whether this will work. To perform something like this and to succeed you need something more than money can buy. And yes I know Ubisoft has the money but I wonder do they truly have the understanding to win over an audience even with these names.

I personally am drawn to gaming channels that have a true sense of genuine heart to them. This might sound silly but I adore gaming channels that focus on a casual dynamic and I haven’t seen a decent one emerge in recent years. I hope I am wrong and that gTV is a success, but who knows.

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