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Taking place at the very inconvenient hour of 2 am GMT last night, the Sony e3 2018 show was a solid all-rounder. We got plenty of content for the big games we were expecting, as well as a couple nice surprises. No real shocks to be honest. Just a by the numbers effort, for the most part. There was one thing that none of us expected. And it was a bit of a doozy. So let’s have a gander through the five best moments from Sony e3 2018.

5: Death Stranding

A proper full trailer! Raises more questions than it answers though. But that may well be what to expect even after playing this game. The trailer does feature plenty of in-game footage, mostly Norman Reedus’ character exploring various landscapes wearing a house. Invisible monsters that hunt on sound? Possible time-jiggery? Weird baby stuff? Yeah its all in there. Epic.

4: From Software developing a PSVR game!(The aforementioned doozy)

Known as Deracine, and made by the Dark Souls gurus themselves, we don’t know much about this one. Deracine translates as “(of a person) uprooted from their natural environment; deracinated.” So maybe the main character is raised by the animals featured in the trailer clip? Or an otherwise magical fairy type creature raised by humans? Blind guesswork aside, anything from Miyazaki and the boys will get my attention.

3: Resident Evil 2 Remaster!

At last! At f***ing long last!! Possibly the game that had the biggest impact on my young mind, Resident Evil 2 is getting the remaster it deserves. Admittedly I didn’t play the remaster of RE 1, but I also didn’t even play the original in the first place. RE 2 though? Played it to death man. To. Death. January 25th, 2019. I’m counting down the days.

2: Nioh! 2! The Sequel!

Nioh was awesome. Part Souls-like, part samurai RPG. What a game. A sequel was probably inevitable given the first was well received. No info other than a cinematic trailer and a cool tagline though: “Defy Death… Death defies you.” We will most definitely be on the lookout for more updates on Nioh 2 as they come.

1: The Last of Us 2

How could this not be top of the list? Its the sequel to one of the most engrossing and emotionally jarring games of all time. And they gave us a lot of footage to mull over. Romance, action, stealth, dancing. This trailer had it all. The game will live up to the hype, which is a rarity as we all know. Rest assured Naughty Dog will polish this game to unheard of levels before its release. No dates yet, but you’ll hear them from us as they come.


Well, that’s the top five form Sony e3 2018. Not featured but still awesome:

  • Spiderman – Plenty of new footage, if you’re into that kind of thing (I’m not a superhero kind of guy).
  • Ghost of Tsushima – This almost made the top five. Its a beautiful looking open world samurai RPG. No possible chance this won’t be excellent. Mark my words!
  • Kingdom Hearts 3 – Sony showed the Pirates of the Caribbean world during their show, and it looks stupendous. Jack Sparrow returns to Kingdom Hearts? All win.

Stay tuned to learn more about e3 this year from GamEir.

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