Let’s Talk About JWE2’s Feathered Species Pack
Beautiful feathers that will make a fine addition to anyone’s park
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It goes without saying at this point that talking about dinosaurs gives me an insane amount of serotonin. Almost as much as I get from playing with them. Frontier just keeps delivering on dinosaurs, and I am in love. This time, we’ve got the Feathered Species pack. So friends, let me tell you about these beautiful creatures.

The Species

Feathered Species pack brings with it four new prehistoric creatures. We have three land-dwellers, and a winged legend. There is something highly satisfying about staring at the beautiful feathers each of these incredible beasts.

Starting with flying, we have Jeholopterus. Jeholopterus is quick and nimble, and is the smallest airborne species in the game! Only one specimen of Jeholopterus has been found to date, but is one of the best preserved pterosaurs to exist!

Next up is Yutyrannus, the feathered tyrant. Yutyrannus is one of the largest known feathered dinosaurs to eat meat. Its impressive nasal crest is used for display purposes, and its coat while light is also dense enough to provide insulation.

Our next large dinosaur is Deinocheirus, an ornithomimosaur. One of the largest ever discovered! It also has arms longer than any other bipedal dinosaur. Admittedly, this dino makes me think of a cross between a Psyduck and a Spinosaurus. It has a duck-bill and a big hump on its back. Another fun fact, this guy is a herbivore!

Lastly, we have Sinosauropteryx. This little guy is adorable. It’s a small meat eater, with delicate feathers and a waving, striped tail. Kind of reminds me of a puppy. Sinosauropteryx was also a pack animal, choosing to hunt in groups. This dinosaur was also the first remains to suggest the existence of feathered dinosaurs, and their colouration potential.

Feathered Thoughts

It goes without saying that Frontier and Jurassic World Evolution 2 make me inexplicably happy. The joy this game continues to bring me is incomparable. I’m about ready to buy everything on Xbox so I can play on multiple platforms. Feathered Species is another huge hit for me as far as DLC goes. I’m obsessed with the new dinosaurs, and they’re incredible feathers. I love how they move, and how they look compared to the scales of other species.

I truly don’t know how Frontier keep managing to maintain a high quality with this game so consistently. And I cannot wait to see what the future holds for my dino park escapades.

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