Wolf Gang is a turn-based game inspired by tactical RPGs like Final Fantasy Tactics and Fire Emblem, but with a twist. With a unique rule set that revolves around the ability to change your own type and the types of your enemies, Wolf Gang subverts the rock-paper-scissors strength and weakness dynamic to deliver a puzzle-like challenge.

Play as a band of wolves as they take control of the mountain using turn-based tactical combat in a humorous adventure campaign!

Some of the features:

-Accessible pick-up-and-play puzzle game-play
-Story driven single player campaign
-Additional challenges for completionists
-Tons of unlockables and character customization

Wolf Gang is now on Kickstarter, seeking $17,000 CAD as the funding goal. Stretch goals include collaborative opportunities with Metal Gear Solid composer Norihiko Hibino, additional game content such as a level editor, and a multiplayer campaign. Backer rewards include digital copies of the game, the game soundtrack, an art book, the ability to design and name an NPC in the game, and the ability to design an unlockable outfit for the characters to wear. There is a limited reward (200 available) for early backers to receive a digital copy of the game for as little as $10 CAD.

If you’re interested in this new RPG and have liked what you’ve seen be sure and check out the Wolf Gang Kickstarter page here.

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