3 Out of 10 is styled somewhere between a game and an animation. Introducing players to day-to-day escapades of the fictional Shovelworks Studios. Thus having surpassed 9 million owners across multiple platforms, has set its sights on a TV adaptation via dj2 Entertainment. If they sound familiar to you, it’s because they were the producers behind 2020’s Sonic the Hedgehog film and the upcoming Tomb Raider and Disco Elysium TV series.

The first “season” of 3 Out of 10 pioneered a new form of interactive storytelling, releasing new episodes for free on a weekly basis. Giving its players full control of the pace of the narrative. The second season debuted on April 8th earlier this year on the Epic Games Store for PC. 

Terrible Posture, the studio behind 3 Out of 10 created the game as a way of bringing the gaming industry to non-gamers. That is why they use the same tactics as tv shows to keep their audience invested. dj2 Entertainment has stated that they plan to make 3 Out of 10 a cross-media property like never before.

Terrible Posture was the studio behind MOTHERGUNSHIP and Tower Of Guns. An independent game studio that works remotely on a global scale. As a result, the studio prides itself on being a compassionate place for developers to grow and make fun things. Hopefully, with plenty more fun games for us to play too. 

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