Nocturne: Prelude, the first chapter of the story-driven rhythm RPG from Pracy Studios set in a dystopian future where humanity lives in a digital afterlife, has launched on Steam. The full release of Nocturne will arrive on PC and Nintendo Switch in 2023.

Humanity is extinct, but an echo of civilization lives on. Maya, the fabled utopian afterlife where people abandon their corporeal forms in favour of an eternal existence with loved ones in a digital world, is not all as it seems. Decay and corruption await Karma, the worlds first newcomer in thousands of years, and derails a desperate attempt to reunite with their missing brother on the other side.

Befriend a charmingly quirky crew like a wise orange fish in monk garb and a headstrong little boy to unravel the mysteries of the Blackout, an enigmatic catalyst that triggered Maya’s plunge into chaos. Test the limits of human existence, exposing an insidious threat lurking among the remains of humanity.

March to the beat of battle in Nocturne: Prelude’s unconventional take on traditional RPG combat through intense rhythm battles with multiple difficulties. Tap into a high energy, progressive symphonic rock soundtrack to keep the battle going, dodging dangerous notes and watching for surprises tucked away in the composition.

Explore vast wastelands of former technological wonders now reclaimed by nature, ruined cities, and cyberpunk lairs. Nocturne: Prelude’s retro art style of pixelated environments, stunning character portraits, and ambient tunes whisk players away to a nostalgic universe for a modern era.

“While I began my career in film, I felt this need to create a narrative experience that can only be crafted in a game, said Benjamin Pracy, founder of Pracy Studios, I’m inspired by the brilliance of late 90s and early 2000s RPGs, where creativity exceeded the bounds of their technical limitations. In Nocturne, I want to take us back to that era, but with a modern twist.”

Nocturne: Prelude is available now for free on Steam in English. For more information visit the official Pracy Studios website, check out the Nocturne Discord and follow the studio on Twitter and YouTube.

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