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Everyone loves a good heist, right? Slick, thoroughly planned affairs to steal from the rich, the sexiest of all crimes. It’s such a fun concept, sadly infrequently used within video games. Thankfully Teardown is on the scene, a game that could be described as Danny Ocean’s Minecraft.

Presented in fantastic blocky visuals, Teardown puts you in the role of a demolition worker who has fallen on hard times. Luckily(?) you begin receiving emails offering increasingly dubious jobs of a less-than-legal nature. These involve destroying buildings, stealing computers and escaping in your getaway car with your ill-gotten loot. These levels are incredibly destructible sandboxes with endless possible ways to tackle your objectives.

Armed with a sledgehammer, fire extinguisher and spray can with additional unlockable tools and weapons, you’re given incredible freedom to experiment within the rules of each level. You can also hop into vehicles for additional destructive capacity. Sometimes the physics can puzzle an entire story of a building suspended only by a thin chimney in one memorable instance. Such Looney Toon logic is part of Teardown’s charm, not a detriment. When robots enter the mix, the cops and robbers element really sings. The stealth isn’t particularly deep but adds a much-needed sense of urgency and danger to the goofy heists.

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A Smashing Success

The campaign is nice and meaty with many more narrative twists and turns than the simple presentation suggests. However, the sheer volume of user-created content is where the game becomes truly endless. Other players have poured countless hours into creating new jobs to pull off so it would be rude not to check them out. Just be warned: you will lose countless hours digging in. The short nature of missions means you can easily become wrapped up in them, polishing off dozens like Quality Street chocolates. Short but very sweet!

This quickfire gameplay could be a weakness for some players looking for a deeper heist experience. For the budding cat burglar, greedy arsonist or swindle-happy domestic terrorist the Teardown method will be a total… well, blast. With a vibrant community, you’ll soon find fellow felons to share missions with. Borderline infinite levels? Teardown is a steal.

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Teardown - Voxel Vandals
A joyously silly thievery simulator, Teardown is a lil' knockout.
3.5Overall Score

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