80’s Sweden Action Simulator: Generation Zero

Amidst all the battle royale and micro-transaction riddled games of today sprouts an interesting game by the name of Generation Zero. Generation Zero is an action, open world game that allows you to play both single player and multiplayer. The game developers at Avalanche Studios most notably know for the Just Cause franchise and the Mad Max game, have built a game with a captivating world, intriguing enemies and immersive game play.


Sweden, in the 80’s but with no people, just robots

Set in the 1980’s in Sweden, you can decide to play alone or co-op with friends as you unravel a mystery. The local population have all disappeared (maybe it was the rapture?) and hostile machines now roam the lands. Using strategy, friends, cunning game mechanics and the environment to take down these hostile machines. Generation Zero is built using the Apex engine, featuring a day and night cycle with unpredictable weather systems. A complex AI behavior system which allows you to damage an enemy and the enemy will bear those scars until you face it next. Be it minutes, hours or weeks later. So in other words, make a rival at the start of the game by hurting an enemy and watch it stay hurt all the way through top the end of the game. Little bit sadistic you ask? Sure, but we all need something new in games right now.

When and Where Can I know More?

The game is currently in closed BETA and is due to be released on March 26th. For more information be sure to check out the interesting dev diaries at Generation Zero website. From looking the screenshots and trailer above this is precisely the game you want to keep tabs on if you’re into a 80’s sci-fi vibe. I just want a game that isn’t a battle royale or micro-transaction infested. Generation Zero looks to be a promising contender to this issue.

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