Another one of his dark tales has come to life. Alan Wake, star of the critically acclaimed Alan Wake franchise, is Dead by Daylight’s newest Survivor. As the latest addition to the ever-growing roster of iconic horror characters, players can now step into the shoes of the troubled writer in this collaboration between Behaviour Interactive and Remedy Entertainment.

Alan Wake is the new Survivor – Forever the Tortured Artist

lan’s mind-bending horror story has spanned several games since his introduction in 2010, with the most recent entry, Alan Wake 2, released in October of 2023 to critical acclaim. When we’re first introduced to Alan, he’s a best-selling author suffering from writer’s block. Though a trip to Bright Falls was supposed to clear his mind, it instead set off a nightmarish chain of events that led to his disappearance and imprisonment in the mysterious Dark Place.

While fighting to write his way to freedom and escape the Dark Place, he remembered a script he wrote for Night Springs about a horrifying place shrouded in fog. Those memories soon shaped reality as he was swallowed up into The Entity’s Ream and the world of Dead by Daylight—trading one Dark Place for another.

Perks – The writer’s craft

With years of writing hit crime novels under his belt coupled with harrowing experiences in Bright Falls and the Dark Place, it’s safe to say Alan knows a thing or two about survival. He brings his wealth of experience into The Fog in the form of three Perks. Just like in the Alan Wake games, the light is the key

  • His first Perk, Champion of Light, grants you additional movement speed while shining a Flashlight. If you successfully Blind a Killer, they get afflicted with the Hindered Status Effect, temporarily slowing them down.
  • Use Boon: Illumination to create a Boon Totem, allowing all nearby Survivors to see the Auras of Generators and Chests across the Map. When you have a lit Boon Totem, you’ll also Cleanse and Bless Totems faster.
  • There’s always a deadline creeping up. His third Perk, Deadline, activates when you’re injured, upping the frequency of Skill Checks while healing Survivors or repairing Generators. Should you happen to miss one, the penalty will be halved.

A unique limited-time event – Lights Out

A Map shrouded in darkness. No Loadout, no Terror Radius, no Scratch Marks. Forget everything you know about Dead by Daylight Trials.

On February 7th, Dead by Daylight will be releasing a special limited-time Modifier called Lights Out that adds a terrifying new layer of fear to the Trials players have grown accustomed to. Modifiers are brand-new adjustments to the existing Trial format that offers players a unique and exciting experience.

The Lights Out Modifier will be available from February 7th at 11:00 am EST until February 14th at 11:00 am EST. Players would be remiss not to take advantage of this new and exciting feature. See you in the Dark.

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