Astro Bot returns! Years after starting in Astro’s Playroom, the pre-installed tech demo (and maybe the PS5’s best game) Team Asobi has revealed a brand new game. Seemingly huge in scope with platforming, spaceship piloting and truly colossal boss fights, Astro Bot looks to be a quantum leap from previous titles in terms of ambition. 

Across six worlds and eighty levels, Astro Bot will be an adventure across land, sea and sky. Brand new power-ups will take advantage of the haptic feedback and adaptive triggers of the controller. Anyone who’s played Astro’s Playroom will know how creative and fun these abilities are, so the more the merrier!

References to other Playstation mascots and franchises are in abundance of course, Uncharted, God of War, Ico and more playfully teased. It seems like these may have a larger function than cute cameos so hopefully Astro will be hacking apart enemies with Kratos’ magic axe at some point. I could be quite context with some Bot-borne nods too… a man can dream!

Astro Bot launches September 6th 2024 with pre-orders starting June 7th. It couldn’t come sooner!

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