Holy ports Batman! The legendary Arkham Trilogy hits the Switch tomorrow featuring Arkham Asylum, City and unbelievably for a handheld, Arkham Knight. Still a stunning last-gen title, it’ll be fascinating to see how it fares on Switch, a device that has become a haven for miracle ports.

Arkham Asylum was a game-changer in revolutionising the love and care developers would give to licensed titles and is undoubtedly the ground zero for titles such as Alien: Isolation, Robocop: Rogue City and the Insomniac Spider-Man series. Atmospheric, an innovative combat system layered with love for the character’s history, it laid the groundwork for the sequels. Unfortunately, the prequel Arkham Origins has been ignored in this compilation, despite multiple references in Arkham Knight. A black sheep that hopefully one day will receive some attention.

Fans of the newest Batman film will be happy to see the Pattinson suit has been added to Knight as a bonus costume and will be patched into PlayStation, Xbox and PC versions at a later date. With Rocksteady’s Suicide Squad game promising to continue the Arkham verse, this trilogy package is a perfect way to catch up before that title launches.

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