Devolver Digital has released a 17-minute (technically 15-minute) gameplay video for Shadow Warrior 3. In this video we see Lo Wang face off against a horde of demonic warriors and I have to say I was impressed.

A quick introduction

Shadow Warrior 3 marks the triumphant return of fallen corporate shogun Lo Wang and launches the offbeat first-person shooter series to the next level.

What first caught my attention was the detail of Lo Wang’s blade. It’s simply stunning. Add to that the gorgeous scenery and you have a lot to take in. When the enemies show up it’s also quite a treat as they seem both threatening but also playful.

The combination of your revolver and blade to bring the scenery down on your enemies to add insult to injury is engaging and the frenetic movement of the combat is also brilliant.

Sharp wit, sharper blades

As Lo Wang decimates his opponents in the video I couldn’t help chuckle at his use of witty quips and slapstick. The combination of freezing his enemies while uttering an iconic line from Game of Thrones was surprising but also funny.

Also, it looks like Shadow Warrior 3 is pulling from DOOM in its use of gruesome violence as Lo Wang at one point rips an enemy in two to then utilise the power of said enemy.

Taking in the scenery there is a beautiful golden hue that is quite impressive. It is an excellent use of the beauty of your location juxtaposed to the gruesome enemies you are facing.

It shines but only due to where it pulls its source

Shadow Warrior 3 looks like a very fun game. It is manic, wild and full of charm. I will sadly point out though that the gameplay looks like a loving “homage” to a lot of titles. For example, the way utilises his guns (especially his revolver) reminded me of playing as McCree in Overwatch.

The traversal of the level shown felt ripped from Persia of Persia and the subversive humour is akin to the Deadpool videogame that came out years ago. I already stated that its violence level is similar in scope to DOOM so Shadow Warrior 3 wears its inspirations on its sleeve.

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