Let’s Talk About The Fridge is Red
A unique take on the horror experience.
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Happy Halloween, friends! It’s my favourite day of the year, and the only day you can reasonably shout at annoying kids! Make the most of it, I definitely will be. But more importantly, it’s game time! I’ve been messing around with The Fridge is Red! This is a short spook, so let’s jump right in!

What is The Fridge is Red?

The Fridge is Red is definitely a unique take on the horror genre. It’s an anthology, with 6 different chapters. All chapters are accessed through the titular red fridge itself. Locations include a church, a hospital, an office building and more.

The game is very inspired by classic PlayStation horror, which is very evident by the graphics and play-style. Every chapter has its own theme and gameplay style to differentiate it from the rest.

Is the Fridge good though?

The thing is, there’s not a whole lot to this game. Truth be told, after about an hour, maybe an hour and a half, you’ll either have the game finished or just be bored of it. The levels are admittedly very repetitive. Although the settings are different, the core remains the same. Run around in circles trying to find random objects. However many differences there are, the similarities cannot be denied.

On top of this, this is one of the few occasions where the classic style doesn’t lend to the game. By now, everyone knows how much I love retro horror, and modern games that use the style well. Evidently, The Fridge is Red did not implement that well enough. At any rate, the game doesn’t look bad. I just found it to be lacking the charm that others have succeeded with.

At the start, I really did have high hopes for The Fridge is Red. It looked charming, and seemed fun, but overall, it was different. However, I found myself disappointed. I do believe the developers have some good ideas and potential for the future. This game just didn’t do it for me.

I would also like to take a minute to remind everyone to be safe this Halloween. Be safe and spooky, you awesome humans.

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