Publisher PlayStack and developer has announced Rise of The Slime King. This card combat adventure game has launched on Steam Early Access for £7.49 / $9.99 / € 7.99.

Experience a story that really sticks to you through the journey of a sneaky little magical slime that escapes the clutches of being controlled by an ancient Titan and rises to glory by becoming the King of the realm.

Not quite that time I was reincarnated as a slime

Brimming with light-hearted humour, Rise of The Slime King’s colourful world offers an exciting dungeon-crawler. It is packed with fast & fun combat, puzzles and plenty of side quests and mini-tasks. These include a multitude of modes to suit every player, from hardcore to casual.

As you make your way through the kingdom, your slippery monarch earns Battle Credit for each vanquished foe. This enables you to unlock new cards, skills, and upgrades on your path to rule the realm. Battle Credit can also be used to increase your maximum card count, hand card count or energy upgrades!

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I have to admit, the trailer of Rise of The Slime King is effortlessly charming. From the design of the young royal slime to the baddies he faces this is a game clearly made for the young at heart. It looks like an engaging and fun experience and definitely something that the little slimes in the family will thoroughly enjoy.

Another tip of the hat has to go to the score. Since there is no dialogue the game has to sell its personality through its music and in the short trailer they convey a lot.

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