Playful Studios and PQube have confirmed that New Super Lucky’s Tale is getting a physical release in Europe on Nintendo Switch! While the date for the physical version will be confirmed soon, the classic 3D adventure platformer starring adorable fox hero Lucky will be available digitally for the Switch on November 8th.

New Super Lucky’s Tale will be available from worldwide retailers, including:

New Super Lucky’s Tale is a love letter to classic 3D platformers, with tons of collectibles to gather, rewarding secrets to discover, memorable characters to meet, and stylish costumes to show off. Lucky and his gang look like a charming bunch. The trailer shows off some of the levels and they’re suitably adorable. The music also adds further charm to Lucky’s tale and I’ve got to say Lucky seems to have learned from the platform mascots of days gone by.

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Climb incredible heights, jump agilely over danger, burrow deep underground and explore amazing worlds! Rescue the Book of Ages from the nefarious Jinx and his Kitty Litter underlings! Check out #NewSuperLuckysTale and @PlayfulLucky on Twitter and Facebook, as well as Playful Studios’ own blog and Instagram account.

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