A Review In Progress: EVERSPACE
3.5Overall Score

EVERSPACE, as I glance up at the starry sky I found myself in deep thought at what could have been.

I previewed EVERSPACE by ROCKFISH games a few weeks ago based on the available information at the time. It certainly appeared to tick all the boxes and was set to be a big title for space shoot em ups.

Results Are In

A few hours of gameplay is all that is needed to get a taste of what EVERSPACE has to offer.

I do have mixed views however, it is not perfect or immersive in any conventional gaming way. Although, it is fun and controlling the spacecraft is a joy. I for one was surprised that this 3D space battle sim did not give me motion sickness unlike space games of the past!


EVERSPACE is a joy to play when it comes to controls and space battles. It has smooth handling and beautiful space environments allowing you to explore and engage enemies with ease.

Navigating through the different areas and space sectors, players need to mine fuel and crafting materials in order to replenish fuel stores, repair your ship and upgrade. There is a level of difficulty, especially when enemies locate you and attack aggressively, leading to a frantic scurry as you try to gather composure and execute an offensive attack.

The game does have a great HUD which makes it easy to navigate and locate loot, materials, and stations, As well as enemy ships.

On a negative note, the gameplay can be very repetitive and boring. When you die, you lose all your cash for upgrades. Some enemies are very difficult resulting in areas of the sector being bypassed just for pure survival.

I found it hard to really get into this game. It is not as story driven as I expected and the upgrade tier system seems overly complex at first. Combine this with the tough combat situations, permadeath like cash system and sparse story, It can get old fast.

Not much galactic-themed music found here. You feel isolated in space as you would expect, the lack of music adds more boredom to a struggling atmosphere. The developers seem to have focused on its spacecraft sim mechanics. The in-depth customizations and upgrades can be appreciated. Alternatively, had ROCKFISH spread that effort out more evenly in areas such as more frequent story narratives and lively music would have created a more immersive atmosphere.



Brighter Horizons

It’s not all boredom and soulless silence.

EVERSPACE has a great basis for the game it is, a rogue space fighter.

The rogue aspect determines its difficulty and if you are a space fighter fan you will certainly enjoy its mechanics and diverse upgrade systems. There is a story there which more hardcore players familiar with fighter sims will definitely enjoy unfolding. It is strikingly beautiful game. Take a second to gaze at the surrounding and you can truly appreciate the artistic heights achieved.


EVERSPACE is a hardcore space game that any casual player can also pick up and enjoy. It is not, however, a game I found to be compelling. With my hours of playtime getting me little further then sector 3, I did not feel rewarded for my efforts as far as story narrative goes. However, I love the ease of control compared to other similar titles and was addicted to the visuals.

Rockfish games have achieved a beautiful game with in-depth crafting and spaceship customisations. A more interactive storyline, some musical scores, and EVERSPACE could certainly hold its own to a wider mainstream audience. For more game reviews check out our facebook page and the Gameir site.






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