Struggling, developed by the Montreal-based studio Chasing Rats Games, will arrive on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on the 8th of September.

Struggling is the physics-based co-op platformer where up to two players control the arms of our fleshy hero, Troy. Outrun ravenous rats, joyride a dirt bike, and vault over pools of unmentionable waste. Why are you doing this you ask? Why it’s all on your epic quest to find legendary Abomination Gods.

Utilise a partner’s squishy appendages to take on the ultimate challenge in local co-op mode, or take total control of Troy’s limbs with your own two hands. Either way, be prepared to test your coordination skills to their limits as you grapple with puzzles in increasingly bizarre settings.

Struggling earned high praise at a variety of industry events. For example – Best in Show, Best Art Direction, Best Audio Design and Public’s Favourite at Montreal Independent Game Awards. IGN’s Top 4 Coop Game at PAX East and PC Gamer’s E3 Hidden Gem, to name but a few.

Struggling – Something grotesque this way comes

Struggling’s attention-grabbing art style combines elements of comedy and horror to submerge players in a hilarious but unsettling world. Our loose-limbed protagonist will need to solve increasingly challenging physics-based puzzles. It will use momentum and inertia to swing itself through four visually unique worlds. Some of them include horrific labs, perilous canyons, and even feverish hyper-dreams.

As is the case with any self-respecting lab experiment, Troy is an ever-mutating character. Players can unlock a range of game-changing powers. These new skills include time-slowing to dodge fast-moving hazards, detachable arms Troy can make crawl around creepily, and the ability to graft its appendages onto the environment (don’t worry, they grow back after giving Troy a hand!).

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