Black Clover fans will have the opportunity to try Black Clover: Quartet Knights as Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe announce the first closed beta for the game. To get a chance to participate, players can register from the 18th of June – 2nd of July on the Black Clover: Quartet Knights Beta Sign Up page.

Black Clover: Quartet Knights will allow selected players to play the beta during four gaming sessions. Specific schedule is below:



1st Session

10:00-13:00 (15th July)

2nd Session

18:00-21:00 (15th July)

3rd Session

2:00-5:00 (16th July)

4th Session

21:00-00:00 (16th July)

With Black Clover: Quartet Knightsplayers will use magical elements such as wind, water, or lightning to defeat their enemies! Each character is categorised into 4 unique roles; Fighter, Healer, Support, and Shooter. Combine different strengths and fight in epic magic 4v4 battle! 

As a fan of Black Clover and a fan of the games that come out of Bandai Namco I’m excited to see what this game will bring. I will admit I wasn’t always a fan of Black Clover, especially in the early episodes. Asta’s constant screaming put me off it. However, once the series kicked into high gear I was loving it. If you can stick out Asta’s scream it gets better so try out Black Clover and sign up for this Closed Beta.

Black Clover: Quartet Knights will be available on the 14th of September the PlayStation 4 and PC.

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