Have you heard about the whacky new adventure set amongst the clouds? The one with demigods, air-skips, pet-able dogs and abusable workers? The one where you inherit a shop when your boss goes missing? Well, you have now, welcome to Craftlands Workshoppe!

In the sky islands, take over Allcraft’s Workshoppe after Allcraft mysteriously disappears… Make and sell wares, master crafts, uncover what happened to your former boss and most important of all, make that sweet sweet profit.

Craft Your Way to the Top

A hastily scribbled note on Allcraft’s door means you’re now the proud owner of a dilapidated workshoppe. You know you’re going to have to up your alchemy, cookery and blacksmith skills to get the sad old place back on its feet. But why does that creepy old guy seem so keen for you to make a success of it?

  • Unlock the tools of your trade, find the resources you need and follow recipes and blueprints to produce potent potions, gleaming weapons and delicious food.
  • Use your crafting skills to contribute to larger orders in asynchronous multiplayer gameplay – and reap the rewards!
  • Improve your skills with a cauldron, furnace and anvil to uncover the curious secrets of the weird-and-wonderful island cluster you now call home.

Look up into the skies, it’s Craftlands Workshoppe

Craftlands Workshoppe look like a game filled with quirky characters and an even quirkier style. Its simplistic design belies a much deeper world and it looks like the team behind the game went all out for gamers to have an enjoyable time in the skies.

Craftlands Workshoppe will be featuring in the Steam Games Festival: Autumn Edition and will releasing into Early Access on the 13th October, the final day of the festival.

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