Switch to Dragon Ball FighterZ for Nintendo Switch Open Beta

Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe has announced the details for the upcoming Nintendo Switch Open-Beta. Fighters all over the world will be able to try the Switch version of Dragon Ball FighterZ. The test session is scheduled from the 10th of August 5:00 am (BST) until the 12th of August 8:00 am (BST). To access the Open-Beta, players will need to download the client which is available now.

The Open-Beta will include four different game modes; The Practice Battle Tutorial to hone their skills, Arena Match, Ring Match and Ring Party Match to compete against each other.

To try different playstyles and build the ideal team, players will have access to the basic roster including the following 23 fighters: Goku  (SS), Vegeta (SS), Piccolo, Gohan (Adult), Gohan (Teenager), Frieza, Ginyu, Trunks, Cell, Android 18, Gotenks, Krillin, Kid Buu, Majin Buu, Nappa, Android 16, Yamcha, Hit, Tien, Goku (SSGSS), Vegeta (SSGSS), Beerus and Goku Black.

Unfortunately, that means that Bardock, Broly, Goku (Base), Vegeta (Base), Vegito (SSGSS) and Zamasu (Fused) will not be available when the Open Bet is happening.

It’s a shame but it can’t be helped as these are the DLC characters. I would definitely recommend picking them up if you enjoy playing the Open-Beta however. My personal favourite is Vegito (SSGSS) as his move-set is challenging but engaging.

Dragon Ball FighterZ for the Nintendo Switch will be available 28th September. Dragon Ball FighterZ is currently available for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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