Titan Forge, a board game publisher known for their intricate miniatures, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to crowdfund the creation of a strategy board game adaptation of the iconic EVE Online sci-fi MMO. It has been dubbed EVE: War for New Eden.

The project has come to life in collaboration with CCP Games. These are the developers behind the award-winning title that has recently celebrated its 20th anniversary. Not only that, it has become a cultural phenomenon thanks to its player-driven economy, massive scale, and unique social dynamics. The board game is now live on Kickstarter and anyone can pledge to the project to receive the rewards with estimated delivery in the fourth quarter of this year.

EVE: War for New Eden aspires to capture the essence of EVE Online. How? By recreating its broad world, thrilling exploration, strategic planning, and spectacular cosmic warfare. Players will find themselves shaking up the delicate balance of power among the four in-game factions. These factions include the Caldari State, the Gallente Federation, the Amarr Empire, and the Minmatar Republic.

EVE: War for New Eden: Building a bigger bolder board game

As a large-scale 4X strategy board game, EVE: War for New Eden rewards players for exploring mysterious celestial bodies. The game wants you to expand your empire’s territory and technology.You must exploit the economy to amass resources. You’ve also got to spend them all to deploy formidable fleets of diverse spaceships capable of exterminating the opposition.

“We presented the EVE board game’s prototype to EVE Online fans at Fanfest 2023, CCP Games’ annual player convention, and to board gaming enthusiasts at Essen SPIEL 2023, the largest board game show in the world. These are two very different crowds, each looking for different things in this game, and we were truly humbled by the amount of positive feedback we have received from both communities,” said Roman Łakomiak, founder of Titan Forge, and lead designer behind the game.

A Kickstarter campaign offers backers an opportunity to take part in the creation of the game. And be the first to receive it at a significantly reduced price. The higher the funding for the project, the more additional free content and visual upgrades Titan Forge will include in the final game.

EVE: War for New Eden will also allow fans to get involved more directly with community contests that will add additional Event Cards to the game based on the real history and situations in EVE Online. The campaign features Collector’s Packs with large-scale spaceship models to paint and display and a 200% scale game where all components are doubled in size for truly spectacular tabletop clashes.

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