Edge of Sanity is a survival horror game with a psychological edge. Not only that, it’s set in the unforgiving wilderness of a Cold War-era Alaska. This title features handcrafted 2D art and an intense atmosphere inspired by the famous Cthulhu myth.

You were part of a resupply group helping scientists working in a camp far in the remote Alaskan wilderness. Finding the site devoid of humanity, you stumble upon horrifying creatures, and during the escape, your group splits up. You were lucky enough to make it out alive, and you set up camp to plan your future expeditions to find your missing team and learn what happened.

Every day here is a tough fight for survival. Food and supplies are limited, and your sanity is stretching over the edge. Be prepared to improvise and look for any advantage you might have against various monstrosities. It’s all up to you whether the darkness fully consumes you, or you manage to cling to what remains of your sanity.

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