Garden Story, The eye-catching action RPG from the developer Picogram and published by Rose City Games. Play as a young grape, protecting and rebuilding your home, the Grove. The latest trailer has it slated for summer 2021. Releasing on the Nintendo Switch and Steam for Windows PC and MacOS.

Garden Story has you set off as the newly appointed Guardian of Spring Hamlet. As the young grape called Concord, you must defend the island from the evil presences known as Rot. Help the citizens of the different towns plotted around the Grove. Break your way through roots to unlock new paths, remove pesky ooze and be the hero everyone needs. Whatever the task, Concord’s the grape for the job!

Experiment with the new tools you gather along your journey. Use the newly acquired tools to grow your garden, fight the Rot and overcome obstacles. Garden Story has plenty for you to do. Use the pick to harvest twigs, sap and pebbles. It’s even handy as a combat tool. Glide in your ice skates across the frozen terrains. Fish to your heart’s content at Summer Bar. Master each tool to conquer dungeons and battle the mighty bosses across the Grove. 

Relax in a rustic world designed in wholesome pixel art. Develop as a helpful character around the island with a score incorporating warm acoustic instruments and catchy synth elements. Grow as a Guardian each day and fight the foes threatening the peace, but never forget the true goal: cultivating love and confidence wherever Concord goes.

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