Gamer’s across Ireland listen up, there’s a wonderful event occurring in Dublin that could change everything for gamers going forward. A group of passionate individuals have banded together to bring Token, a restaurant – bar – retro arcade – pinball parlour – event space to the Irish gaming community. This new venue will bring so much innovation to the Irish gaming scene. To learn more check out what Brandon, one of the community dude’s for Token, has to say about this and what wonderful steps they’re taking to make sure Token is an all inclusive venue for the gamer’s of Ireland.

“Hey there!

Brandon here, Community dude for Token, a restaurant – bar – retro arcade – pinball parlour – event space that’s opening around mid-May in Smithfield. We’re really looking to build a community of passionate folks who enjoy what we’re doing. A little about us:

Token’s gonna have an interesting lineup of food that features the food-truck style items that torment us daily on Instagram lol. And we’ve got a full license so everyone can enjoy food and drinks while hanging out.

Our space is about 6000 square feet, so there will be around 30 games at a time to play. We’ve got more than we can fit, so we’ll rotate in others throughout the months, but I think we’ll start with Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, Mortal Kombat 2, Mario Kart, Addams Family and at least 2 dozen more. We’ve got all the machines listed here in Dublin already.”

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Be sure and throw as many coins at the Token Kickstarter as you can, you’ll be making an already great event even greater and if you’re interested check out the full list of machines that are going to be on offer here.

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