It’s time for more sugary sweet fun. Cotton Fantasy is a brand-new addition to the Cotton series that sees Cotton and Silk embark on another adventure, this time in HD graphics. The game adds several new shoot ’em up mechanics to the iconic Cotton playstyle.

This provides a modern gameplay experience, more precise than ever. Featuring 6 iconic playable characters, 16 colourful and varied scrolling stages, with vertical, horizontal and 3D movement, and an exhilarating soundtrack with iconic remastered tracks from past games, Cotton Fantasy offers a lot of variation and replayability on your hunt for the high score.

The game is also packaged with a light-hearted story full of charming, fun cutscenes. and a fully-voiced Japanese cast. This is a great and accessible new shoot ’em up game for fans of the series and newcomers alike.

Cotton Fantasy and her special editions

Fans of Cotton should also get excited as there are collector editions available. Check out the trailer below which will showcase gameplay as well as the various editions of the game. The Limited Edition will cost the same as the upcoming ININ retail version, at €39.99 and with 3,000 Nintendo Switch and 1,500 Playstation 4 copies available.

The Collector’s Edition will be available for €109.99. It will also be limited to 2,000 copies for Nintendo Switch and 1,000 copies for PlayStation 4. The Collector’s Edition will also include a ton of collectables for fans to gorge themselves on. Some of them include:

  • Premium Collector’s Edition box with magnetic clasp
  • Colourful game manual
  • A numbered certificate of authenticity

There are many more items to pick up from this edition.

Cotton Fantasy looks like an absolute delight. After Niall’s raving review of the previous title (see review here) we at GamEir are looking forward to more adventures with Cotton.

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