Celebrating a year from its original multiplatform release, the award-winning GRIP: Combat Racing gets a new retail edition with a year’s worth of DLC, wrapped into one affordable package dubbed the GRIP: Combat Racing Rollers vs AirBlades Ultimate Edition.

Created by leading satellite studio Caged Element, GRIP: Combat Racing’s new ultimate edition offers prospective players the perfect opportunity to experience this cut-throat combat racer for the first time, including three garage pack bundles, new Artifex – fighter jet-inspired – vehicles and a year’s worth of updates.

GRIP: Combat Racing Rollers vs AirBlades Ultimate Edition arrives at global physical retail on November 5th.

Wired Productions continues to partner with leading indie developers from around the world to bring inspired and innovative games to market for this generation of global gamers. The company will make more announcements for its upcoming game launches and campaigns in the coming weeks.

“2019 is a big year for us, and we’re super pumped to confirm release dates for these three incredible games,“ said Leo Zullo, Managing Director, Wired Productions, “These titles represent an exciting and vital part of the Wired Productions line-up for the fall and holidays, but we’re not stopping there as we’ll be sharing more news and revealing more announcements so stay tuned..”

We here at GamEir have thoroughly enjoyed GRIP: Combat Racing and seeing this Ultimate Edition is definitely something that tickles our interests. If you’re interested in our thoughts check out Brians review here.

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