No Brakes Games, Curve Digital and d3t have announced that Human: Fall Flat is now available on Xbox Series X|S. Alongside the next-gen platform launch the brand new level, Forest will be added to the main game also – free for all players on Steam, Windows 10, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

Forest was the winner of the Great Outdoors Workshop Competition designed by community creator Jack – a fantastic mix of outdoor platforming, aerial balancing acts and creative new puzzles. Cross-play is also now available for players to have fun with friends across Microsoft platforms Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and Windows 10.

So much expansion for Human: Fall Flat

Human: Fall Flat will continue its expansion on to next-gen consoles with the PlayStation 5 version of the game coming soon, which will feature all-new Haptic feedback. This will transform the feeling of climbing, swinging and moving heavy objects with subtle tension in the adaptive triggers on the PS5 DualSense Controller – bringing a whole new dimension to the Human: Fall Flat experience.

The addition of next-gen consoles is the next chapter for a game that now boasts 17 levels and over 25 million players worldwide. New players can enjoy 60% off as part of the Curve Digital Publisher Steam Sale starting right now.

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