Jetboard Joust, a joyous fusion of classic arcade shoot-em-ups and modern roguelikes from publisher Freedom! Games and developer BitBull will invade Steam on October the 23rd.

Face off against alien invaders in the follow-up to 1989s ZX Spectrum, C64, and Amstrad title Skateboard Joust. Wage aerial warfare, attacking with plasma guns, flamethrowers, gravity hammers, and more while saving civilians from abductions across procedurally-generated stages.

Earn powerful unlocks, choose between branching paths, and prepare to face off against massive multi-stage bosses in this action-packed old-school sendup.

The key features of Jetboard Joust

The Jetboard: Leap from your jetboard like a boss to gain temporary invincibility and kick some serious alien butt. Destroy pretty much everything in your path. You rock.

The Weapons: From the conventional (flamethrower, R.P.G., grenade launcher), to the ridiculous (gravity hammer, gamma-ray, antimatter gun) and many more – Jetboard Joust offers a plethora of powerful weapons, each with its own upgrade path, to aid you on your mission and leave a path of total destruction in your wake.

The Enemies: A huge range of enemies to outwit. Be prepared for them to come at you with all the above weapons plus their own special attacks. Watch out for a few tributes to classic arcade games of the past too…

The Bosses: Defeat huge bosses in a series of gruelling multi-stage battles. These guys will test your weapon-handling to its limits.

The Planets: Choose your own path through a multitude of battlegrounds across the surface of five different planets. Discover hidden treasure, upgrades and awesome new weapons. Unlock teleports and earn huge bonuses by clearing multiple levels.

If you’re interested check out the official website, the developer’s log and their Twitter as well.

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