The rhythm-action game with hypnotic beats, Klang 2 has officially received its release date. The sequel to the hit game Klang arrives on PC on October 20th. Developers Tinimations plan on releasing the game for Nintendo Switch, PlayStations 4 and PlayStation 5, and the Xbox family of consoles at a later date.

Cadence and combat are one and the same. Enter an immersive world and choreographed fight scenes scored to an EDM soundtrack. The providers of said soundtrack? Klang 2 has bLiNd as lead audio collaborator, as well as Otographic MusicCity Girl, James Landino, and more.

Wield the powerful tuneblade to conduct electronic symphonies! Battle against foes in intense rhythm-action showdowns! Master strikes, dashes, and holds to counter and overcome enemies. Enemy procedural attack patterns change based on Klang’s position and performance, ensuring no two battles are the same. Experience over 30 stages of pulse-pounding musical action, both in arcade and story modes with different speed options for all skill levels.

As well as this, Klang 2 will support multiple input methods, including mouse and keyboard, gamepad, drawing tablet, and touch controls. Choose your method and dive into a techno-greek world. A gripping story accompanies the music, letting players uncover even more lore as they progress through the levels.

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